CCR Meeting & Late Start Resumes

Thank you to all those that attended the CCR conference with their student and teacher last week.  I know that there were a few that were missed that the teachers are still trying to track down, but overall the participation rate was outstanding.

I have heard from a few parents on our changes in our CCR structure (same coach/advisor for all four years, student in the Wednesday class with the advisor/coach, etc).  If you have any feedback (positive and negative) to pass along to improve the experience for you and your student relating to CCR conferences, please let me know.
I also wanted to remind you that we are back on our regular Late-Start Wednesday schedule this week. Classes begin Wednesday morning with the first bell at 9:35.
Hopefully you all were made aware of the student intervention opportunities that are available on Wednesday mornings during your CCR conference.  For all those parents of Juniors and Seniors that are interested, please think about participating in our Education 2000 Concurrent Enrollment course at the start of Second Semester.  This class is a great introduction to the field of education and is taught on Wednesday mornings at 7:40 by Professor Tony Pellegrini from SUU. If you have questions about the class, please email me and I will get you in contact with Professor Pellegrini.
Have a great week!

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