CCR Meetings, 5X5 and FLEX!

Parents & Students,

Although it feels early to be thinking about this, it is time to register for classes for the 2016-17 school year.  CCR meetings will take place February 1-5. Please watch for the postcard with your appointment time. Students, you should also be able to check with your CCR Advisor this week to find out your assigned time and reschedule the time if needed.

Before looking too far ahead with some exciting improvements coming, I want to note what great things have been occurring this year with our 5 X 5 Block.  One need look no further than our math department where our proficiency scores in our Sophomore classes have tripled from the previous year.  All teachers have been busy adjusting for the classes being 17 minutes shorter and are to be commended for their work to streamline the curriculum and identify the essential standards and content.

During the 2016-17 school year CVHS will be utilizing a FLEX period. The intent of FLEX is to provide more targeted support to students needing additional help while also allowing students to participate in enrichment opportunities.

I will include a Q&A section on FLEX below. Please review it and let me know of questions, ideas and suggestions.

Have a great second semester at Canyon View. Go Falcons!


What does FLEX mean?

FLEX stands for Flexible Learning EXperience


When will FLEX be?

Beginning in the Fall of 2016, all students at CVHS will be enrolled in FLEX. The class will be coordinated through the CCR Advisor and be held during the 3B class period. This maintains the current 70-minute 5X5 Block Schedule.


What happens during FLEX?

In addition to the current College & Career Readiness Class elements, all students will have the opportunity to receive targeted instruction based on their current needs and wants.  All teachers will be available to provide additional help to students during 3B.


Who chooses where students go during FLEX?

Referrals for FLEX happen in three ways: 1st) Teachers refer students based on essential skills and concepts needing to be retaught; 2nd) Teachers, or the school, refer students based on academically at-risk grades; 3rd) Students choose an extension learning time based on being academically caught up with their work and personal preferences.

Priority will be on a rotation between departments so that each teacher will have the opportunity to have their students come in and get extra help on a rotating basis.


What else happens during FLEX?

All assemblies will occur during FLEX in order to preserve and protect instruction time in all other classes. We will also be able to conduct grade specific activities like ACT prep.


Why do we need FLEX?

FLEX allows students to access teachers during the school day and eliminates many hurdles to learning. Teachers will be able to work with specific small groups of students in need of additional insruction. Students will receive additional support to be succesful.


How does this help advanced learners?

Students that are not referred by a teacher or the school will have the opportunity to work in a structured study hall with computer access. They can also work on projects in existing classes or have practice time for music, art, etc.


How long will students be in the FLEX classes?

Students will be in 3B for 70 minutes.  They will begin with their CCR Advisor for 8-12 minutes. From there students will be assigned to two FLEX periods lasting approximately 26 minutes each. Teachers will also have the ability to have students for the full hour if they are working on a test, a lab or some other learning experience that requires more time.


Can a student opt-out?

No. All students will be accountable to be in the room they are referred to. Attendance will be taken and loss of school privileges will occur for failing to attend (such as loss of open lunch).


What about Success, SWATC and Seminary?

No students from CVHS will be at the SWATC or Seminary during 3B. Success Academy students will maintain their 3rd period study hall as they had this year.


Do I lose a class elective?

Yes. All students will have FLEX be one of their elective courses for the year. This does not negatively impact early graduates as they will receive a full credit for the course. It also does not negatively impact those pursuing multiple Concurrent Enrollment or Advanced Placement courses as virtually all of those students already have been using and Advanced Learner Study Hall. This FLEX course eliminates the need for the Advanced Learner Study Hall course.


Is this a proven approach to learning?

YES! While new to Iron County, FLEX learning is a tried and true 21st century learning approach that many schools across the country are adopting.

Examples around the country include:



Please feel free to email Principal Nielsen ( with any questions, concerns or suggestions!


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