Welcome Back

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Canyon View High School for the 2016-17 school year.  We especially welcome all students transferring to Canyon View for the first time as well as the class of 2020!

There are always a few personnel changes during the summer months. This summer is no different as we welcome the following faculty members: KarriAnn Raddon (Counselor); Nathan Rindlisbaker (Ag Science); Eric Blackham (Math); Mathew Selden (Math); Marina Sandall (Special Ed); Melissa Marshall (Special Ed); Rich Harline (Math).

The main office will open on August 8th.

We strongly encourage parents and students to pay the school fees online at http://cvhs.ironk12.org/html/RegDocuments.htm

In person registration is available from 9 am – 3 pm on Thursday Aug 11, Friday Aug 12 and Monday Aug 15.

Freshmen are invited to attend an Orientation at 1 pm on Monday August 15th.

The school bell will welcome students beginning at 7:45 on Tuesday August 16th.

We encourage students to be actively involved at the school. Join a club, organization, sport or group.  CVHS is a great school to be a part of.

Two changes this year to make parents aware of are Fee Waiver Community Service and FLEX period.

Utah Fee Waiver Policy reads that “State law requires a school to provide alternatives in lieu of fee waivers for students eligible for fee waivers.” Those students that are approved for a fee waiver will then need to complete community service hours around the school or in the community. Failure to complete a community service assignment will result in denial of fee waivers.

CVHS will be utilizing a FLEX period this year during 3B. All students will be assigned to the class. This class will be used for College and Career Readiness lessons in addition to being an intervention and extension time for students and teachers.  More details will be provided during the first couple of weeks of school.

Once again I am excited for the year to begin and look forward to great things from our students again this year!

Rich Nielsen


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