Bullying and Safety Kits

Hello Parents,

I have been asked to pass along a letter from School Resource Officer Matt Topham and ICSD Administrators regarding an effort to collect materials for school safety kits to be available in every room in the event of an emergency or lockdown setting. Please review the letter and if you are able to help in this effort, please bring the item(s) to the school prior to Nov 22.

Also, I would ask all parents to be aware of your child’s use of Twitter and Facebook in following hateful accounts. We have seen a disturbing trend of anonymous hateful accounts being created and followed by 100s of kids. These accounts will post negative, hurtful, harmful messages about kids. These could include rumors of sex with other students, sexually transmitted diseases, rumors of using drugs or alcohol, and so forth. It is filth. Some will dismiss it as just “fun” and people need to ‘lighten up.”  I can assure you, however, if you or your child is being targeted by these rumors and filth, there is nothing fun about it.
Please talk to your child. See who their “Friends” are on Facebook. See who they “Follow” on twitter. If they are full of hateful messages, encourage your child to not give the hateful people an audience. Unfriend. Unfollow.  We are working with the City Attorney and Cedar Police to address the issue but we need everyone’s help to stop the anonymous abuse.  Do not just assume your child isn’t involved. I have had some very pointed discussions with many of our kids at the school over the past few days because they are either supporting the abuse by giving it an audience, or they are being targeted by the abusers.
Thank you for your assistance!  
Attached Letter:

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Each year we see situations across the country where students are harmed in natural disasters or school violence. These situations can have a devastating effect on the families and communities involved. As a school district we will do everything in our power to prevent this from happening, but we will also stand ready to respond if it ever does. Therefore, we are putting together emergency preparedness kits for each of the schools in the Iron County School District.

A kit will be placed in each classroom, library, and lunchroom. In addition they will be placed in other areas where the students may be located in the event of an emergency, such as a natural disaster or school lockdown. These kits will be a vital resource for our teachers and students if they are in a school lockdown or an emergency situation for an extended amount of time. To this end, we are asking for any contributions to assist in creating these kits.

The items that we still need to create each of these kits are as follows:

  • 15 foot length of nylon cord
  • A tarp approximately 6 foot by 8 foot
  • Toilet paper or baby wipes
  • A flashlight with batteries
  • A case of bottled water
    • some food items (hard candy, granola bars, or other single serving non-perishable food item)
  • A bottle of hand sanitizer
  • Small roll of duct tape
  • Some feminine hygiene products (for the female students in the older grades).

Please bring your donations to your child’s school by Friday the 22nd of November. Any of these items that you can donate will be greatly appreciated. We will then sort the items and begin to build these kits.

We will also accept monetary donations in order to purchase these items and complete these kits. We ask that money donations please be brought into the Main Office of the schools. These donations will be collected by the Principals and other school administrators. All donations will first go to the schools in which they are received. After these needs are met, any additional items will then be used in the other schools in the district as needed.

In order to meet the needs of the school district we will need 600 completed kits. This is a large and difficult task. However, with your help, together we can accomplish this goal and help to ensure the safety of our students.

Thank You

Iron County School District Administration




2nd Quarter Begins

This email was sent to all parents on October 22nd…



I just wanted to drop you a quick note as we begin second quarter and let you know of the great work done by students to start the year out. The average daily attendance percentage for the school is 96.77%. Our senior class led the way with a 98.0% attendance rate. This is a great indicator of student success and engagement in the learning process.
The school has been well-represented by our clubs and student-athletes this Fall. It is always so fun to see the students work so hard both in the classroom and in their extra-curriculars. The FFA Land Judging team took first place at their state competition and are going to be representing Utah at the National Competition in 2014. Our Girls Cross Country team took second place at the Region 9 competition this past week and are headed to state today.  The list of accomplishments and great effort goes on and on. Thank you for supporting your student and all of Canyon View!
Coming up in the next few weeks are tryouts for our winter sports teams (swimming, wrestling and basketball).  Also looking ahead we invite everyone to come out for the combined Canyon View / Cedar High performance of West Side Story. The musical will run November 7, 8, 9, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16 at 7 pm. All performances will be at Cedar High. This combined effort is something we have done in the past and has proven to be a great endeavor. Come on out and enjoy the show!
There has been lengthy discussions among the secondary administrators and the district office personnel on the possibility of instituting a Late-Start collaboration time. This would be similar to what has been done for years among elementary schools. The purpose of the Late-Start time would be to provide an opportunity for secondary teachers across the district to collaborate as teams of professionals. 
One of the greatest struggles we have in a high school is to provide teachers with common time to talk about individual students as well as train on best practices. I reflect on my own experience as a math teacher and wonder how much more effective I could have been if I had been able to collaborate with the science and language arts teachers on what is working and not working for a student struggling to keep up or a student that is an advanced learner and is bored in class.  
I also love the possibility of providing our teachers an opportunity to collaborate with teachers from across the district on best practices and what is working well. This would be a huge benefit to not only our core teachers but also our teachers in art, business, CTE, and so forth where they are the only teacher in the school with their specialty.  The end result is increased achievement for students and a better experience for students.

While we have had much discussion on the subject, there is still much work to be done before we are ready to roll it out. At this point I am not sure whether Late-Start will happen in January at the semester break or possibly in August to start the new year. On November 19th at 4 pm Superintendent Dulaney will make a presentation to the school board in the regularly scheduled ICSD School Board Meeting. Public input will be welcomed at that time. If you have an interest or opinion on the subject, we would invite you to attend that meeting.  I would also welcome questions on the issue.
Thank you again for all you do in support of our students and school community.

Community Council & School Grade


Hello Parents,
I wanted to email you and pass along two items that should be of interest to everyone. I apologize for the length, but wanted to get the information out to you.
First, our School Community Council Elections are completed. We would like to welcome our two newest representatives Susan Carter and Summer Tremelling to the council. Please feel free to contact them or any other member of the council (myself, Suzy Gatherum, Tim Benson, Tammy Hulet, Karen Johnson and Jennie Hendricks) for anything related to the community council, the school improvement plan, or School Trustland expenditures. Our first meeting will be September 16th at 3 pm in the school main office conference room.
I want to thank all those parents that expressed an interest in being involved in the community council elections. It was inspiring to know that there were a dozen that stepped forward and said they would be willing to help. THANK YOU!
Many people have been talking about the School Accountability Report Card information that came out last week. Some have asked my opinion.  I thought I would take just a minute and explain my thoughts on the subject.  For those that don’t know, schools have had different versions of an accountability report issued based on standardized test scores for many years. Most recently it was in the form of an AYP Report (adequate yearly progress). Some people may recall the No Child Left Behind act and the report that was generated from that.
This year the state mandated (through the Utah Legislature) that schools be labeled with an A, B, C, D or F grade based on the data.  In Utah there were three boundary high schools that received an A. There also were a couple of Early-College high schools that received an A rating. Canyon View received a C grade on the report. We received 521 points out of 750. The cutoff for a B was 522 points.  Does one point really translate into being transformed from a “C” to a “B” school when you look at the whole picture?
The way that points on this Report are generated are from end of level testing in Math, Language Arts and Science. Other points are allocated based on the school graduation rate. Points are allocated based on “Growth Points” that are generated from a comparison of student scores from one year to another when compared to peers from around the state. Finally, growth points are awarded based on a comparison of student growth for students that were below proficiency levels the prior year.
Do I feel that Canyon View High School is a “C School?”  Not at all!  A few months ago the school was noted as the 8th Best High School in Utah by U.S. News & World Report. This report was based on the same students, the same programs, the same teachers, the same community. There are some inherent difficulties in trying to label a school as A, B, C, D, or Failing. The legislature has attempted to do just that in order to paint a picture for parents and communities.  I believe the end result is a fuzzy picture and I would expect that the reporting system will again be changed by the legislature this upcoming session.
My hope is that you will take the time to truly understand what is going on within Canyon View High School. It is no secret that we, along with the rest of the state, struggle in mathematics testing. The Community Council has looked to address this concern as part of our School Improvement Plan.  We will continue to work to improve in this area.  
There are areas that are not measured in this report that are a fundamental part of who we are and what we do at Canyon View.
Above all I hope you know that we look at each piece of data (whether it is reported by the newspapers or not) and look for ways to make changes that will be a positive impact for our students and community.  We constantly look for opportunities to improve. And we will always look to enhance the experience for each of our students.
Thank you for your continued efforts on behalf of your student and all those at Canyon View High School.
Let me know of any questions you have or of any assistance I may be able to provide your student.
Rich Nielsen

Welcome Back 2013 Letter


Welcome to the 2013-14 school year at CVHS!

I would like to welcome each of you to the Home of the Falcons for the upcoming school year.  We look forward to an exciting and successful year.  We especially would like to welcome the Class of 2017 to Canyon View and look forward to four great years with you.

We would like to make you aware of some great additions to our staff as well as a couple of changes.  Mandy Wood and Kylie Findley have joined our math department. Robby Robinson is our new PE teacher and Head Football Coach. In the front office, Shelly Goodwin has taken over as our Office Manager, Joyce Edwards as our Registrar and Vicki Christian as our Attendance Secretary. Our S.R.O., Isaac Askeroth, will be teaching the Intro to Law Enforcement classes.

Canyon View continues to be recognized regionally and statewide for excellence. We look to continue to build on that tradition this year through increased effort among our staff to work collaboratively. In addition we will be fully implementing our College and Career Readiness Model (CCR) across all grade levels. This will be a tremendous advantage to students to get them a head start on being prepared for the “next step” in their lives.

CVHS information is now available as an app for your smart phones, iPods, iPads and Android based devices.  The app is a great source of information, especially when you are on the go. Search the Android Marketplace and Apple App Store for the app by typing in “Canyon View High School.” It is a free download. News, calendars, videos, photos, tweets and much more are available through the CVHS App.

Follow us on Twitter with our two different accounts: @canyonviewhigh and @cvhs_news . The @canyonviewhigh has been used for two years now and is designed for all the activities, news, sports, scores and updates that most students would want to know (and many parents as well). The @cvhs_news account is new and is designed for those parents that only want info in the event of an emergency such as school closure, evacuation, and so forth.

Please join the PTSA.  They are a tremendous asset to the students and staff at CVHS!  A table will be set up at registration where students, parents and staff members may join.  You may also mail in the PTSA registration if you choose to do mail-in registration this year.

Students received their schedules in May and we will be printing one more copy of the schedule for them to be handed out the week of registration.  Class changes have already taken place.  If there is a need for a schedule change due to an error on the part of CVHS, that can be accommodated by the counselors the first week of school.  Schedule changes for any reason other than an error in graduation progress or the wrong level of a class (such as Calculus instead of Pre-Calculus) will not be made as we need to get a handle on current class loads and maintain balance between courses.  You may now view schedules in PowerSchool.  The PowerSchool address is http://ps.irondistrict.org. 

We encourage you to use the mail in registration and online payment system if you are able. On-Site Registration will take place August 12 – 14.  The main office will be staffed beginning August 5th. If there are multiple CV students in a household and you would like to register them all at once please feel free to bring them at any of the available times.  Please be prepared to pay your school fees.  See the enclosed school fee form for information on fees.  Online payments are now available for all school fees – see enclosed information and CVHS Website for instructions.

Monday August 12th

Seniors – Registration from 1 to 3 p.m.

Tuesday August 13th

Juniors – Registration from 8:00 to 10:30 a.m.

Sophomores – Registration from 12:30 to 3 p.m.

Wednesday August 14h Freshmen Day @ CVHS (parents may attend too)

Freshmen –             Registration from 8:00 to 11:00 a.m.

11:45 a.m. – Freshmen assembly in the auditorium

12:30 p.m. – Tour of CVHS to find classrooms and ask questions

12:50 p.m. – Ice Cream in the Commons Area

1:00 p.m. – Excused to go home

Registration forms are available on the school website http://cvhs.ironk12.org/ and will be available at the school during registration.

Mail-In Registration Information –

If you would like to mail in your paperwork and fees this year and forgo coming in during registration, please complete the attached registration demographic form, download the registration forms (Safe School Policy, Acceptable Use Form, Parking Registration if desired) from the school website and mail them in with your check for registration fees to the school.


Rich Nielsen, Principal

CVHS 2013 Mail-In Registration Form

Student: __________________________________________       Grade:  ______________

Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________

Parent Email Address:  ________________________________________________________

Parent Cell Number:  ____________________________    Home Number: _______________________

Please enclose the following forms if mailing in your registration:

(forms are available from the CVHS WebSite at http://cvhs.ironk12.org)

___   Safe Schools Policy (Required)

___   Acceptable Use Policy (Required)

___   Parking Registration Form (Optional)

___   Fee Waiver Application Form (Optional)

Additional forms are available such as CHIP on the website.

____  Please Check This Line Indicating you are enclosing a check for registration and class fees

___   Please Check This Line indicating you have submitted payment via the online payment system