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Dear Canyon View High School Parents & Students:

We are happy to announce the implementation of the SafeUT Crisis & Tipline Services for all students in the state of Utah. SafeUT is a new tool designed to provide confidential two-way communication with SafeUT crisis counselors or school staff through the SafeUT Mobile App, text number (coming soon) or Web.

The SafeUT Services are provided through the University of Utah’s Crisis Center at the University Neuropsychiatric Institute (UNI) and all interactions are handled by licensed clinicians as part of their comprehensive crisis response services. Students who call or start a crisis chat or text through the mobile app or web will connect directly to a UNI crisis counselor at the UNI CrisisLine.

The UNI CrisisLine provides 24/7 crisis intervention and emotional support to anyone in any type of crisis. Students can also use the SafeUT phone app or website to send non-crisis tips to school officials regarding topics such as bullying, cyberbullying, gang activity, drug & alcohol activity, and more. All tips are completely anonymous.

SafeUT helps to provide students with a safe and secure school environment and it provides our school administration with the communication and management tools needed to help and mange on campus situations.

Students will receive training this Monday, November 28 on how to use the SafeUT Crisis & Tipline Services by Principal Nielsen. The SafeUT Mobile App is available in the Apple and Google Play stores. Search “P3 Tips” and select “SafeUT”.



Welcome Back

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Canyon View High School for the 2016-17 school year.  We especially welcome all students transferring to Canyon View for the first time as well as the class of 2020!

There are always a few personnel changes during the summer months. This summer is no different as we welcome the following faculty members: KarriAnn Raddon (Counselor); Nathan Rindlisbaker (Ag Science); Eric Blackham (Math); Mathew Selden (Math); Marina Sandall (Special Ed); Melissa Marshall (Special Ed); Rich Harline (Math).

The main office will open on August 8th.

We strongly encourage parents and students to pay the school fees online at

In person registration is available from 9 am – 3 pm on Thursday Aug 11, Friday Aug 12 and Monday Aug 15.

Freshmen are invited to attend an Orientation at 1 pm on Monday August 15th.

The school bell will welcome students beginning at 7:45 on Tuesday August 16th.

We encourage students to be actively involved at the school. Join a club, organization, sport or group.  CVHS is a great school to be a part of.

Two changes this year to make parents aware of are Fee Waiver Community Service and FLEX period.

Utah Fee Waiver Policy reads that “State law requires a school to provide alternatives in lieu of fee waivers for students eligible for fee waivers.” Those students that are approved for a fee waiver will then need to complete community service hours around the school or in the community. Failure to complete a community service assignment will result in denial of fee waivers.

CVHS will be utilizing a FLEX period this year during 3B. All students will be assigned to the class. This class will be used for College and Career Readiness lessons in addition to being an intervention and extension time for students and teachers.  More details will be provided during the first couple of weeks of school.

Once again I am excited for the year to begin and look forward to great things from our students again this year!

Rich Nielsen

CCR Meetings, 5X5 and FLEX!

Parents & Students,

Although it feels early to be thinking about this, it is time to register for classes for the 2016-17 school year.  CCR meetings will take place February 1-5. Please watch for the postcard with your appointment time. Students, you should also be able to check with your CCR Advisor this week to find out your assigned time and reschedule the time if needed.

Before looking too far ahead with some exciting improvements coming, I want to note what great things have been occurring this year with our 5 X 5 Block.  One need look no further than our math department where our proficiency scores in our Sophomore classes have tripled from the previous year.  All teachers have been busy adjusting for the classes being 17 minutes shorter and are to be commended for their work to streamline the curriculum and identify the essential standards and content.

During the 2016-17 school year CVHS will be utilizing a FLEX period. The intent of FLEX is to provide more targeted support to students needing additional help while also allowing students to participate in enrichment opportunities.

I will include a Q&A section on FLEX below. Please review it and let me know of questions, ideas and suggestions.

Have a great second semester at Canyon View. Go Falcons!


What does FLEX mean?

FLEX stands for Flexible Learning EXperience


When will FLEX be?

Beginning in the Fall of 2016, all students at CVHS will be enrolled in FLEX. The class will be coordinated through the CCR Advisor and be held during the 3B class period. This maintains the current 70-minute 5X5 Block Schedule.


What happens during FLEX?

In addition to the current College & Career Readiness Class elements, all students will have the opportunity to receive targeted instruction based on their current needs and wants.  All teachers will be available to provide additional help to students during 3B.


Who chooses where students go during FLEX?

Referrals for FLEX happen in three ways: 1st) Teachers refer students based on essential skills and concepts needing to be retaught; 2nd) Teachers, or the school, refer students based on academically at-risk grades; 3rd) Students choose an extension learning time based on being academically caught up with their work and personal preferences.

Priority will be on a rotation between departments so that each teacher will have the opportunity to have their students come in and get extra help on a rotating basis.


What else happens during FLEX?

All assemblies will occur during FLEX in order to preserve and protect instruction time in all other classes. We will also be able to conduct grade specific activities like ACT prep.


Why do we need FLEX?

FLEX allows students to access teachers during the school day and eliminates many hurdles to learning. Teachers will be able to work with specific small groups of students in need of additional insruction. Students will receive additional support to be succesful.


How does this help advanced learners?

Students that are not referred by a teacher or the school will have the opportunity to work in a structured study hall with computer access. They can also work on projects in existing classes or have practice time for music, art, etc.


How long will students be in the FLEX classes?

Students will be in 3B for 70 minutes.  They will begin with their CCR Advisor for 8-12 minutes. From there students will be assigned to two FLEX periods lasting approximately 26 minutes each. Teachers will also have the ability to have students for the full hour if they are working on a test, a lab or some other learning experience that requires more time.


Can a student opt-out?

No. All students will be accountable to be in the room they are referred to. Attendance will be taken and loss of school privileges will occur for failing to attend (such as loss of open lunch).


What about Success, SWATC and Seminary?

No students from CVHS will be at the SWATC or Seminary during 3B. Success Academy students will maintain their 3rd period study hall as they had this year.


Do I lose a class elective?

Yes. All students will have FLEX be one of their elective courses for the year. This does not negatively impact early graduates as they will receive a full credit for the course. It also does not negatively impact those pursuing multiple Concurrent Enrollment or Advanced Placement courses as virtually all of those students already have been using and Advanced Learner Study Hall. This FLEX course eliminates the need for the Advanced Learner Study Hall course.


Is this a proven approach to learning?

YES! While new to Iron County, FLEX learning is a tried and true 21st century learning approach that many schools across the country are adopting.

Examples around the country include:



Please feel free to email Principal Nielsen ( with any questions, concerns or suggestions!

Community Council Elections

Hello Parents,

It is that time of year that we get to vote for representatives for our School Community Council.  Please click on this link to vote for up to THREE parent representatives:

I invited parents that were interested in serving on the council to submit a little biographical information about themselves. This was optional. I am including the responses for those that replied below.

Please vote prior to October

Thank you for your participation.

Parent Responses:

Each interested parent was emailed and invited to submit, if they choose to do so, a little information about themselves in order to allow people to know about them prior to voting. This was entirely optional and not required.  The following information was submitted by parents willing to serve on the council:

Shanda Francisco Ms. Francisco is born for the Navajo, Maricopa, Pima, and Yavapai Apache tribes. She has been working for the Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah for over 10 years as a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor II. She graduated with her Bachelors of Science degree in Sociology and minored in Computer Information Systems. She is the mother of 7 children. She enjoys helping out with tribal and community events and active in statewide and community coalitions. She enjoys spending quality time with the whole family, hiking, watching movies, and jogging.
Tammy Hulet I have six children, two have already graduated from CVHS, and three are currently attending CVHS. I love being involved with my children’s education and have been since my oldest started kindergarten, volunteering whenever/wherever possible. This includes educationally and extracurricular activities. The CVHS Community Council is something that I have been involved with for a few years and I love being able to help decide where the Trust Lands Money is allocated to best help our students at CVHS. We have wonderful teachers and staff at CVHS and I love working with them.
Dr. Angela Pool-Funai I teach political science at SUU and am eager to get involved in our community. Prior to joining the faculty, I have spent the bulk of my career in nonprofit and higher education administration, with emphasis on research, grants, and budget management. My eldest son is a ninth grader at CVHS, and I would like to serve on the Community Council to help the high school and Iron County School District achieve their financial goals through wise management of our Trustlands funds. Thank you for considering me for this position.
Amyanne Rigby As a life long Cedar City resident, a member of the nation’s largest advocate for education, the PTA, and as a previous educator myself, I am well acquainted with the needs of both the students and faculty at CVHS.
As a parent of two students at CVHS, I also have the opportunity to mingle with a wide variety of parents. This provides an opportunity for me to “hear” the academic concerns of the CVHS community.

I have also had the opportunity to attend Trust Land conferences. These conferences have improved my education of the allocation of Trust Land Funds.

Clara Pickett I am an active member of the community as well as an early childhood educator in ICSD. I have served on the Enoch City Council in the past and am still active in city government. I have 3 children who have graduated from CVHS and two who are currently attending. I am invested in the education of our students.
Suzy Gatherum Hi! My name is Suzy Gatherum. My husband and I have 3 children. I have served for 10 years in various positions in the PTA and about 4 years each on Community Councils in the elementary, middle, and high schools levels. I love to be involved in our schools. I feel it is important to support the teachers and administrators and be a good representative for the parents.
Pamela Christensen Hi, my name is Pamela Christensen. I have been a parent of students at CVHS for eleven years now. My last child is a Sophomore. I have loved been a parent volunteer for all of those eleven years in one way or another. I love being a part of the lives of all the students that have walked into my life through school. I am a paraprofessional for severe special needs children so my life as been all about the education of students. I am in my Junior year of getting my Bachelors in Communication Disorders. Serving in the community is a important priority in my life.

CCR Meeting & Late Start Resumes

Thank you to all those that attended the CCR conference with their student and teacher last week.  I know that there were a few that were missed that the teachers are still trying to track down, but overall the participation rate was outstanding.

I have heard from a few parents on our changes in our CCR structure (same coach/advisor for all four years, student in the Wednesday class with the advisor/coach, etc).  If you have any feedback (positive and negative) to pass along to improve the experience for you and your student relating to CCR conferences, please let me know.
I also wanted to remind you that we are back on our regular Late-Start Wednesday schedule this week. Classes begin Wednesday morning with the first bell at 9:35.
Hopefully you all were made aware of the student intervention opportunities that are available on Wednesday mornings during your CCR conference.  For all those parents of Juniors and Seniors that are interested, please think about participating in our Education 2000 Concurrent Enrollment course at the start of Second Semester.  This class is a great introduction to the field of education and is taught on Wednesday mornings at 7:40 by Professor Tony Pellegrini from SUU. If you have questions about the class, please email me and I will get you in contact with Professor Pellegrini.
Have a great week!

Community Council & Late Start Info

Hello Parents,

We have a position for a member of the School Community Council.  The community council is responsible for coordinating expenditures of Trustlands funds to meet school and district goals. The council meets three times a year.  If you are interested in serving on the council, please let me know this week.  I will be sending out a ballot next week for elections.
I also wanted to update you on student opportunities during Wednesday Late Start time.  We currently are offering: 
  • Math tutoring in the math hall from 7:45-9:30 with Ms Combs
  • General Homework Intervention in the 212 computer lab from 7:45 – 9:30 with Ms Higbee
  • Advanced learner study sessions in the Art Hall from 7:45 – 9:30 with Ms Irwin
The Advanced learner opportunities will continue to expand. We are encouraging teachers of honors and AP classes to organize study sessions in conjunction with upcoming exams or projects. Our art teachers have also asked for an opportunity for students to work on their art projects. Mr Jordan is working on organizing instrumental and string instrument tutoring with SUU music majors.  We expect that these opportunities will continue to expand based on student and teacher recommendations.
Please let me know if you are interested in being on the community council ballot.
Have a wonderful week!

Spectrum Article on Cyberbullying

November 14, 2013

CVHS gets proactive on cyberbullying

Cedar police open investigation into websites

Tracie Sullivan

Concerned about some social media websites that may be encouraging cyberbullying, Canyon View High School principal Rich Nielsen sent a letter home this week to parents saying his school has been working with the Cedar City attorney and police department to address the issue.

Jimmy Roden, public information officer for the Cedar City police department, confirmed Thursday the department has opened an investigation into the sites and is working to identify victims, witnesses and suspects.

Cyberbullying is information transferred by way of any electronic device with the intent of hurting, embarrassing, or threatening someone else. This information can vary from photos to written messages.

Other forms of cyberbullying include cyberstalking and cyberharassment.

In the letter sent to parents, Nielsen said the school has seen a “disturbing trend of anonymous hateful accounts being created and followed by 100s of kids.” He called these sites, located on Twitter and Facebook, “filth,” and encouraged parents to be aware of what their children are doing online. “I would ask all parents to be aware of your child’s use of Twitter and Facebook in following hateful accounts,” he wrote.

Nielsen told parents that some will dismiss these harmful messages as just “fun,” but there is nothing fun about being a target on the sites. Nielsen said he chose to take a proactive approach rather than brush it under the rug because he said he doesn’t want to see the situation get out of hand and spark a criminal incident.

Nielsen said he didn’t know of any student in Iron County ever being prosecuted for cyberbullying — but said he believes officials have been able to get a handle on prior situations before it became criminal.

However, he said students had been reprimanded with school consequences for cyberbullying behavior. “It’s our goal to keep every kid in school and to educate every student,” Nielsen said. “We aren’t looking for reasons to get them arrested and in the system. I don’t think we’ve had a situation yet that hasn’t stopped after we addressed it in the school, so we didn’t have to go that far.”

Nielsen said it’s difficult for him to think of some of his students participating in the type of behavior he’s seeing online.

“I see these kids in the hallways and there I have seen nothing but respect from these kids,” he said. “There, they wouldn’t say anything hurtful, so it’s hard for me to think about them behaving like that.”

Iron County Superintendent Shannon Dulaney said she appreciates Nielsen’s approach to the issue and is glad to see he is willing to do more than what state law mandates. Dulaney said she believes computers often empower people to say things they might not say in a face-to-face situation.

Most officials agree the answer to the issue lies with parents becoming actively engaged in their children’s lives, including online.

“Parents need to be responsible. We’re doing our part to monitor the kids at school, but if the parents are going to give these kids the use of this technology and devices, then there needs to be some oversight that goes with that,” Dulaney said.

Some parents maintain children need to “toughen up” and learn how to not take things so personally. Nielsen, however, said adults to need understand not all children are the same and some kids are more emotionally fragile than others. “Each kid is so different,” he said. “They don’t have a standard — some kids can’t stand up to the pressure.”

Canyon View will be holding two assemblies Thursday at 8 and 9 a.m. to address the issue of cyberbullying. Nielsen said he welcomes parents to join them.

Additional Facts

Online Resources

• NetSafeUtah:

• NetSmartz:

• GetNetWise:

• FBI-Parent Guide:

• Safekids: